The story of FiND A WAY 

"What will we do for the rest of our lives?"

eve and chris

At the start  of this past year we both quietly dropped out of the professional universe to focus on our own personal ones. 


We both dreamed of working for ourselves and we purposefully shook-up our carers just as much as we did our mode of living. The finest wisdom out there told us to keep our day jobs and to relegate our passions to nights and weekends. We tried that, and we were exhausted from spending all of our best daylight hours working on someone else’s project just to come home tired to our own. 


And so it is that sometimes, when the wind calls to you, and against all well-reasoned advice, you need to politely excuse yourself to step outside into the raging storm and breathlessly take a bet. Bet on yourself and your ability to figure it out. Take a leap of faith. And like Cortés upon arriving at the new world, burn the ships that got you there. Leave no room for turning back. 


We set off on an adventure around the world and in doing so, quickly discovered that our true passion lies in telling stories. We love to experience new perspectives, meet new people, and evolve who we are and expand what we know. This nourishes our minds and forces us to keep pushing our own limits. To us, this is the most rewarding life possible. And this is why we founded Findaway and Sojourn: so that we could make our living bringing these stories back to the world we came from to inspire people to take their own journey. 


Chris & Eve