Eve Lewis

I believe in people's deep need to connect and be understood. My ability to understand consumer behavior and formulate strategies helps to bring brand stories to life. My years of experience in branding, marketing, and merchandising both for start-ups and large enterprises helps me to build strong relationships, consult, and capitalize on trends at any scale.

Why do brand stories matter?

Brand stories illustrate an identity, vision and purpose. The brand story is crucial to connect with the hearts and minds of the consumer. In this era of engagement consumers want to feel an authentic connection to the world around them. Brand stories lay the foundation for a promise to resonate, impact, and inspire.

Walmart.com: #WEARWALMART

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In my role as a Merchant at Walmart Global eCommerce through data analysis as well as trend and consumer insights I saw an opportunity to further engage consumers and drive conversion. This opportunity was the #wearwalmart campaign. I led and managed the launch of the grassroots #wearwalmart campaign via Instagram and product pages. The campaign delivered a 10% conversion, outperforming the usual 2% conversion benchmark. The campaign produced 33k likes, 4k comments and 37k interactions in the first quarter, outpacing metrics of existing Walmart eComm engagement platforms.


Together let's turn the mundane into magic!

Thync: "Shift your State of Mind"

As the Experiential Marketing Manager at Thync I had the distinct opportunity of not only taking the product to market, but being on the front lines of consumer engagement with the product. Through this opportunity my team and I developed and grew the brand story, identity, value, position, and promise. We built event, social, influencer, and content strategies that grew engagement and drove sales.

See the experiential marketing hype reel above.

Sojourn: "Live an amazing story!"

Sojourn was born out of a love of searching for beautifully crafted items as well as observing current buying trends of consumers. Through my experiences in commerce and consumables I have become a practitioner of brand and shopping experiences. With these experiences and observations I was able to see not as myself, but as the consumer- identifying an opportunity to create a brand that resonates and connects. Below is Sojourn's promise.

At Sojourn we believe that everyone and everything has a story. We are inspired by the stories that connect us all.  Sojourn's ethos is to elevate the voice of the artisan and the consumer. To make known that together we can all live an amazing story! The things we carry often become our stories- how do you tell yours? 

We are partnering with artisans, designers, and artists from all over the globe to bring you a carefully curated selection of items to support small businesses with big ideas. To sojourn all over the world is right at your fingertips. Come take a journey with us to find something made with love just for you.  

Live the Sojourn life. Live an amazing story!



See below my Pinterest board of styling through which I draw inspiration.