Recycled Fabic Clutch Wallet

Recycled Fabic Clutch Wallet


These colorful hand-stitched wallets are crafted from recycled cloth, making each one completely unique. Marvel in the vibrant colors and detailed embellishments. Use this piece as a wallet, travel wallet, or small clutch. Give this as the perfect gift or treat yourself to this vertical accessory and some color - you deserve it! 

H: 9.5 "

W: 5.5 "

About the artisans

Alok of Scorpion Handicrafts works directly with Rajistani artisans who craft beautiful woven goods out of recycled garments. This gives their bags, blankets, and scarves a thundering floral impact with vibrant colors. By the nature of the fact that the materials change frequently, every piece is entirely unique. 

Where does it come from?

Rishikesh can be found by following the powerful ganges river up to it's rocky mountain source in the Southern Himalayas. The city is a bubbling spring of spiritual freedom and introspective reflection, and it's difficult to walk though its streets and not be overtaken by a deep sense of rippling calm. 

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