Shadow Print Double Stripe Scarf

Shadow Print Double Stripe Scarf


No matter the season, this earthy neutral cashmere scarf is perfect to tote around for an extra bit of warmth. The shadow print and the blue stripe add a touch of uniqueness. You will find that this scarf is extraordinarily wearable, useful, and a replacement for it hard to find. 

Colors: Taupe, Bright Blue, Dusty Brown


L: 72 "

W: 24 "

Where does it come from?

Cashmere is woven from the silky hair of the goat's beard and the name is in fact just another spelling of "Kashmir," the region in Northern India from which it hails.

Kashmir itself is a sheer, snow-capped, beautiful and arid mountain region of the Western Himalayas. Because of extreme weather and poor roads, much of the region is impassible during the winter and spring leaving much of it's cool lakes and breathtaking views untouched and pristine for visitors.

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