Indian Paisley Oversized Cashmere Scarf

Indian Paisley Oversized Cashmere Scarf


This is positively the softest scarf I have ever touched. While in India I learned that this is because this cashmere is made from the goat's silky chin hair! The scarf's size allows you to wrap yourself fully in its luscious soft shroud. The beautiful paisley pattern in hues of salmon pink and heather red laid over a backdrop of snow white adds brightness to any outfit in any season. 

Colors: Snow white, Salmon Pink, Heather Red, and a little bit of Concrete Grey


L: 76 "

W: 29 "

Where does it come from?

Cashmere is woven from the silky hair of the goat's beard and the name is in fact just another spelling of "Kashmir," the region in Northern India from which it hails.

Kashmir itself is a sheer, snow-capped, beautiful and arid mountain region of the Western Himalayas. Because of extreme weather and poor roads, much of the region is impassible during the winter and spring leaving much of it's cool lakes and breathtaking views untouched and pristine for visitors. 

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