Ladakhi Oversized Yak Wool Scarf

Ladakhi Oversized Yak Wool Scarf


This handcrafted Ladakhi yak wool scarf is not only sure to keep you warm during winter months and cold evenings, but is beautiful enough to decoratively adorn your home. The oversized (almost blanket-like) style of this scarf makes it easy to wear many ways.

Whether it's bunched up tightly around your neck or thrown over your shoulders you are sure to not need much more, if anything, to complete your outfit!

Colors: Mountain Rock Grey, Orange/Red/Black Print Stripe


L: 82 "

W: 38 "

Where does it come from?

Ladakh is beautiful mountainous region in the Western Himalayas along India's Northern border. Saddled up alongside the jagged icy peaks of China and Tibet, it stands at an ancient and important crossroads between Eastern and Middle-Eastern cultures.

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