Big News!

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Eve and I have some exciting news! It's a big decision but wasn't really a hard one when you consider the events of this past week. On Tuesday the startup that Eve works for didn't get it's next round of funding at 3:30 pm, the music stopped and everyone was out of a job. At the exact same time, I heard back from business school that I wasn't accepted this year. Both were bitter to hear on their own but combined, they whispered of some seriously life-altering possibility.


That night we went out to a nice dinner. Sometimes when you get tough news you have to lean into it and celebrate. To embrace the change, discover the silver lining, and see the doors that have opened that you didn't notice first at first. We had talked often of traveling and found ourselves raising our glasses and asking, "Are we really doing this?"


Our announcement is that we're selling everything we own and traveling the world! We put in our 30-days notice for our apartment, purchased tickets to Copenhagen (check out WOW airlines, it was $400 one-way, come join us), and I announced my last day at work. Great wheels are now in motion. We have February to sell virtually everything we own. Eve has put up select clothes on Ebay. I'm selling electronics, motorcycle helmets, and snowboards. The furniture will have to go too, as will my Honda Civic. You wouldn't guess that you could have such an emotional attachment to a vehicle but I feel depressed, like I'm having to put a favorite horse down. The new owner is going to have to prove that it's going to a good home.


How do we feel? Bold, hopeful, humbled, nervous, and excited all at once. There's a great power to taking such a sweeping action and we're feeling like we're as much spectators as drivers in the waterfall of activity that's followed. We are filled with gratitude for all those we love - those that have help to build our life and experiences in San Francisco; and oh how we have had amazing experiences filled with love, laughter, and learning. We embark on our journey with the hope and anticipation, taking all that we have found here right along with us. Ready and open for more opportunities to love, laugh, and learn. One of  my fiancée's favorite quotes is: "Set your life on fire, and seek those who fan your flames" (Rumi).  We have been lucky to have found that in our lives already and we look to continue to carry this mantra with us every step of the way. Come along on our journey with us! Explore with us, learn with us, and laugh with us! 


More is to come, so stay tuned! Please keep all of the recommendations, advice, and good vibes coming!


Chris & Eve