Landed in Copenhagen!

copenhagen streets at sunset

We’re finally on the road! On Wednesday we flew to Copenhagen via Iceland and got zero to no sleep. It was pretty amazing how many people were on the plane heading to Iceland for vacation and talking about how much they love it. The country seems to have done a fantastic job of marketing itself in tandem with dirt-cheap airline tickets via WOW Airlines (beware the baggage fees though, they doubled the price of our tickets). 

After a short taxi from the airport we settled into our fantastically quaint Airbnb - the passcode to the door is 1869, the year the house was built. The family is very nice but we've barely seen them.

At first glance, the number of casual bikers is strikingly high. The roads are built to encourage it, and bike lanes have their own streetlights. The culture is so bike-heavy in fact that people don't bother to lock them up overnight. We were surprised to see the streets lined with them this evening, and it makes sense that they'd be outside because all of the houses are tall, narrow, and lack the storage that you'd expect with newer buildings.  

We decided to go for a run this morning in near freezing weather and ended up running straight to a Danish marathon sports store to add on more layers. The cold is absolutely no joke. 

The city is beautiful, the food is fantastic, and the jet lag has finally faded. More to come! 

And more photos: