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Echoes of the past in Berlin

Berlin felt like a rude departure from the quaint symmetry of Amsterdam. It was a chainlink, punk-rock, and graffiti-washed city that squeezes itself into a suit and tie to present some very nice restaurants and a warm and welcoming citizenry. But deep down it is living a double life and right off the plane, we were onto it. The schizophrenia is heavy and tangible. How did it come to be this way? 

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Amsterdam: We liked it, we loved it, we want more of it!

It’s no secret that I love Amsterdam. Every time I utter “Well, in Amsterdam...” Chris gives a loving chuckle. After our past six days in the amazing city I know that he now understands. As he put it “I loved it because it felt warm and accepting, small and accessible.” This sentiment seeps into each corner of historical preservation, between each stroopwaffle, and into the folds of each unique Tulip ...

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