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Human life and the sea

On our last day in Copenhagen, cold and smiling, Chris and I wandered narrow cobblestone streets sprinkled with historical treasures to find the Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre. As we entered the aging repurposed church I was surprised to find what seemed like a mostly empty space, at first questioning what we had each just spent our $15 on. 

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A Denmark Update - thank you for following!

A warm hello to all of our friends and family! Thank you for all of your generous feedback and support about the blog. We started this without any expectations and if you had asked me how many people we'd have sign up, I wouldn't have ventured a guess. The number has been great enough that we've had to create a google doc to stay organized! We're now feeling some responsibility to post things that are high quality and worth reading so please, keep the feedback coming. This is a journey together and we are only going to figure it out with your help. 

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